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Yogic tradition celebrates that woman becomes a mother one hundred-twenty days after conception. The Creative Force grants full incarnation of the soul into the body. Previously, the soul was subtly linked to the growing cells in the womb. The woman is now the vehicle for the soul to fully incarnate; now she is mother.

Before the 120th day, the incarnating soul is still unaffected by the limitations and influences of the earth. After the 120th day of pregnancy until the navel cord is separated from the mother, the subconscious mind of the child is formed. While the child is in the womb, the mother is the vibratory receptor for the child.

"On the 120th day, we give our women a blessing and tell them to meditate more, and look toward God, so that they may have very calm, quiet, intelligent, self-creative children.

One lady told me, "Well, I'm a working mother, I can't do it." I said, "Then when your son will be about nine years old, how much will 40 to 80 dollars per hour psychiatrist fee cost you. You better pay now or pay later - it comes to the same thing."

Yogi Bhajan, Women’s Camp 1979

On the 120th day of pregnancy, family and close friends are invited to rejoice. The celebration is to honor the mother and offer her loving support. Everyone gathers to meditate, chant, and reflect on the reality that a soul is entering her womb. This celebration also offers prayers for the woman’s spiritual, mental, and physical well-being so that she may inspire, teach, and guide her child.

There is no defined criteria for this celebration, however, often the mother-to-be sits on a beautifully decorated place of honor. Throughout the celebration, the community chants, and shares uplifting songs. Often someone will narrate an inspiring story. Guests bring presents to personally honor her. They pledge to support and inspire her, so she can relax, feel secure, and focus on the child growing within her. The celebration is cozy and often deeply moving for all. The celebration closes with everyone sharing a delicious, nutritious meal.

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